The Waiting Continues

Today was supposed to be my first therapy session after the summer break, but just a few hours before the actual appointment I got an email (and a phone call which I missed) by a psychologist who acts as my therapist’s substitute at the hospital, cancelling the meeting. She did not give me any reasons, but it must be something which caught him by surprise, or my therapist would have gotten in contact personally and in advance. I guess he’s either sick or there’s an emergency at the hospital (or in his family) – from experience I can be certain that he’ll explain next time we see each other, because he always does.

I had been looking forward to seeing him again and eager to discuss a few points, which now will have to wait another two weeks. Our last session was in mid-August, the next will be in late September; more than five weeks apart. To my own surprise, I find I can manage that long without crashing – it is inconvenient, but not a threat to my emotional or mental stability (assuming that no dramatic change for the worse occurs in my living circumstances). And I know he wouldn’t have cancelled unless absolutely necessary or if he thought it would jeopardize my mental health.

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