Another Cancellation

Today’s session had to be moved to next Thursday, so that will be a full six weeks since the last one. I’m not angry or disappointed, just getting really… impatient. I just want to discuss certain points so that I can finally move on from them – the mental list of stuff I have to tell in the session isn’t getting any shorter.

But, as I said, I harbour no negative feelings; my therapist sounded regretful in the message he left on my mailbox and said there had been a problem – that’s the trade-off for being treated at a hospital: there’s always something that can happen unexpectedly.

Usually, I get both a phone call and an email when something important happens, and in the email my therapist asked me for a short update. Here’s what I wrote:

I’m pretty well so far and managed to stabilize at a niveau just under ten points. I am enrolled for GeoSciences now and start lectures on October 10 – the administrative business still makes me nervous, but in the end I got everything done without burying my head in the sand.
With my family I was in southern Germany for a week, which was partly wonderful and partly very emotionally exhausting, and a week ago I spent four very nice days with my aunt and sister in Weimar.
Generally I found that I could internalize what I learned in therapy even more and utilize it almost instinctively; further I feel like my cognitive abilities improved significantly over the last couple of weeks and that I will be able to handle university intellectually now.


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