Cyanide & Happiness

'Placebo' comic - Cyanide & Happiness(Please click image for a bigger version. You can find the original here.)

This comic panel is scarily accurate when it comes to my own thought patterns – I have quite often “overdosed” on my own mind and occasionally still do.  It’s gotten a lot better, but there are days when I have to forcefully tear my thoughts away from difficult situations or I’ll end up seeing my impending failure before I even left the house in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Cyanide & Happiness

  1. I like this … I get so stuck in my thoughts sometimes, almost to the point of being overwhelmed. When I was a truck driver, I had way too much time by myself, especially on the long days when I wasn’t forced to talk to anyone.

  2. Too many hours of uninterrupted solitariness get me there too – disconnected from the world around me, pre-occupied with the microcosm of my thoughts. Sometimes I don’t even notice until something catapults me out of that state…

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