Wedding Bells

There are quite a few things I would have liked to write about here, but didn’t because I was too busy with other stuff – or too tired to put much thought into formulating a text. All of that will have to wait until another day, though, because today I have something important to write about: after almost a year of paperwork and waiting, the bureaucratic application process came to a finish and in about two and a half weeks, we are going to get married.

It feels almost surreal to me, because we had been waiting for so long that I got somewhat used to this event in the future which never actually arrived. And now, there suddenly is a date – before the end of the month!

It’s going to be a very low-key affair: no guests, no wedding dress, no rings etc. Just a legal act at a town hall office. And after the wedding, we immediately need to apply for a residency permit for my boyfriend. Certainly a very far cry from your stereotypical nuptials, but we are just so very glad that it really looks like my boyfriend can stay for good this time around.


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