Staying Up All Night

Last night I broke my personal record for insomnia by falling asleep at 7.15 AM only, after my husband had left for class. Needless to say that aside from being immensely tired, I was also extremely distraught emotionally. Fortunately, I did not post the blog entry I had started writing, because it connected only marginally with the reality of my everyday life and was otherwise observed through the lense of nighttime pessimism.
Unfortunately, that means I also missed the time-window for calling the psychiatrist. The practice had been closed over the last few days because of carnival, and today they were only open in the morning… Will have to try tomorrow again, when they also open in the afternoon.
After I had finally drifted off, I dreamt that my therapist had done a new assessment questionnaire with me, and my results exceeded 100% in some categories. “That’s great,” he exclaimed, “now we finally know which parts of your brain we can cut out!”


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