Therapy Progress

Therapy Progress (as of January 2012)(Please click image for a bigger version.)

Disclaimer: This graph is not up to date anymore. At first, the stress surrounding my wedding and university kept me from updating, and then my old computer crashed and all the data is left on the old hard drive. As soon as I get it back, this will be updated.

Over here, I will chronicle my depression index as therapy progresses. The graph is based on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II), a diagnostic tool for assessing the severity of depressive symptoms in patients. Unlike the image in the “About Me” section, which only displays a general trend for each month, this illustration shows the development on a weekly basis.

The red line is once again a visual aid: scores of 1 – 9 points indicate minimal depression that require no professional treatment. 10 – 18 signal mild depression, 19 – 29 are moderate depression and any score of 30 – 63 marks severe depression.

This diagram starts with the first actual session I had in December 2010, at a depression index of 36 points. All results of meetings with the therapist during the weeks before and the first diagnostic evaluations are not displayed.


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