Negative Vibes

Today is one of the more difficult days. I went over to my parents’ place and within a second of stepping through their door picked up a “bad vibe” my mother was giving off. It’s hard to explain because I don’t actually know what exactly I’m reading or noticing there as I don’t even have to see a person for noticing it, but this kind of “hunch” never fails me. I just knew she was angry and the danger of getting into the crossfire of her mood very high, so I didn’t linger for long and left again.

I’m supposed to ignore these vibes and act the way I really want to, but find it very hard. Even though the anger my mother feels isn’t necessarily directed at me – chances are there’s no connection to me at all -, just being exposed to it fills me with dread and my stomach gets queasy.
Even though I know there are several other options of dealing with this, for example through directly asking if anything is wrong and thus turning the situation into a dialogue, I usually lack the courage. Removing myself from the setting is the only way I can effectively handle this, with the result that usually my own mood is spoiled and I feel anxious afterwards.

It seems ridiculous that at the age of 31, I still behave like a fearful child, but the flight instinct kicking in is strong. It takes a lot of energy to keep myself from acting out the depressive coping patterns of complete withdrawal and ruminating in negative self-beliefs… but I must.

Update:  It appears that the bad mood had nothing to do with me, and a couple of hours later it was gone. I am quite sensitive to other people’s moods, which sometimes makes it difficult dealing with another person – and with myself, occasionally. If I feel threatened, it makes me want to run away…

2 thoughts on “Negative Vibes

  1. I struggle with those same time feelings too. Sometimes if someone is short with me, or if it is obvious their in a bad mood, I go ahead and assume it is me and something I did or said. Course I am also the the one that gets paranoid when people stop talking when I enter – knowing that they were talking about me – when they probably weren’t.

    I guess it is just the curse of being overly sensitive.

    Btw – I like your blog. “)

    1. Thanks a lot! Somehow your comment ended up in the spam filter, so I am sorry it took a while until I noticed.

      It took a long while until I stopped having those negative assumptions about myself, and it’s still a lot of hard work to not fall back into that pit.

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