Third Reschedule

Today I actually made it to the hospital, but was standing outside the office for 45 minutes while my therapist had an emergency case inside. I saw the girl ever so briefly when she left – she appeared no older than in her mid-20s, but her dull voice sounded like an old woman’s and stood in sharp contrast to her agitated eyes. I believe she was an in-patient as for a while, they also had a nurse in the office and while the words were unintelligible, I could hear them having a discussion inside.
Obviously, my therapist can’t tell me what’s wrong with her, but he didn’t have to – I could clearly see that she needed immediate treatment. He apologized for the inconvenience and said he had really been looking forward to the session, but that this case had come completely out of the blue.

I’m going back tomorrow evening, as the last patient of the day. We spent a few minutes today in preparation of the proper session, so that we won’t waste any time tomorrow. Thanks to ten months of experience with each other, I can “brief” him on the most important points without losing any time or forgetting important aspects, and he knows me so well that he can put everything in perspective without needing long explanations. Even though we spent less than 15 minutes together today, it was enough to already prepare the course and give me pointers on what I might want to think about before the session.


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