In Need Of A Break

I am at the point where something has to change, and change fast, if I want to make it to the end of the semester and beyond. There are too many university hours in the week, too many demands placed on me, and too little time for anything else. I have 23 contact hours plus approximately 16 hours of homework and 8.5 hours of commuting time every week. That’s equivalent of a full-time job and no matter whether I like it or not, I simply am not in the physical and mental shape yet to hold that up for much longer. Something’s gotta give, and for once it is not going to be me. I need to look into my schedule and figure out which classes I can skip without missing too much, so I can save my energy for the mandatory classes and tasks and exams.

2 thoughts on “In Need Of A Break

  1. As you know, though, it’s what got me into trouble the first time. When is it still skipping for buying yourself some free time, and where does avoidance start? 😦

    But, thanks for commenting! 😀

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